Single Click Root For Google Nexus 10 On Windows, Mac And Linux With Superboot

In a previous post I covered the method to Root Google Nexus 10. Now, you can easily root Google Nexus 10 using a simple sing-click root method using Superboot. The credit for this feat goes to ‘paulobrien’ of MoDaCo. As you might be aware, Superboot is the famous script that has helped users root many Android devices such as HTC One X, Galaxy Nexus and others. If you are looking to root your Nexus 10 device without going through complicated rooting procedures, then you can simply follow the below mentioned guide to to easily root Nexus 10 on your Windows, Mac OS X or Linux computer.

Superboot Overview

If you have been modding any type of Android device, then you would know that Superboot simply pushes a custom boot.img file to the respective Android device automatically, installs the SU binaries, as well as the Superuser APK at first boot.

Google Nexus 10


Please follow this rooting guide at your own risk. Rooting your Google Nexus 10 device will void your warranty. WML Cloud will not be responsible if your tablet gets damaged or bricked during this process. Please refer to the link given at the end of this post for information regarding the “current” status of this guide.


  • You will require a Google Nexus 10 device with an unlocked bootloader
  • Download Superboot r4 for Google Nexus 10
  • Enable Android Debugging


  1. Download Superboot (see link given above) and extract it.
  2. Switch your Nexus 10 device to bootloader mode. To do this, shut down your Nexus 10 tablet and turn it on with the ‘volume up’ and ‘volume down’ buttons pressed. You will now enter the bootloader mode.
  3. Connect the Nexus 10 tablet to your computer and follow the instructions relevant for your operating system.

Windows Users

Double-lcick to run the ‘superboot-windows.bat’ file.

Mac Users

Open the Terminal window and navigate to content that you extracted. Once done, enter these command:

chmod +x

Linux Users

Navigate to the extracted content using the Terminal and enter these commands

chmod +x

Your Google nexus 10 device should now be rooted. You will acquire root access after your device is rebooted. To verify this, check your app drawer for SuperSU, if its there,  you’re device has been rooted sucessfully.

For updates and any kind of queries, go to the link given below.

[via XDA-Developers]