How do I get a calendar on my iPad’s lock screen?

Question : How do I get a calendar on my iPad’s lock screen?

If I get a new email address, can the emails that go to an old email address be redirected to my new email address? Rather like what the Royal Mail does with your post when you move home.

Solution :  How do I get a calendar on my iPad’s lock screen?


It is an interesting question, but the Royal Mail analogy doesn’t quite work. The Royal Mail delivers post to you, through your letterbox. So, when you move house, if you tell the Royal Mail and pay for the redirection service, then your post will be filtered at the sorting office and redirected to your new address.

But email doesn’t work like this. While you may think of email messages as being ‘delivered’ to your inbox, it’s more accurate to say that your computer ‘collects’ them from an electronic sorting office – a server computer somewhere on the internet. So, all that matters is that you can continue to collect your email messages from the relevant server.

Whether or not that is possible depends on who provides your existing email address and the basis on which they do so. If it’s an email address provided by an internet service provider, for example, then it will almost certainly be attached to a subscription (ie, paid-for) account – and the ability for your email program to access the email server may stop when your payments cease. However, some providers are more understanding: BT, for instance, allows departing subscribers to continue accessing their email accounts for 90 days. After this time, BT will charge for continued access – £1.60 a month (see for details).