Problem : Checkpoint Smart dashboard wont open.

Problem : Checkpoint Smart dashboard wont open.

I have an issue with Checkpoint after a power cut. When i try to open smart dashboard i get the following error:

‘connection cannot be initiated. Please make sure that the server x.x.x.x is up and running and that you are defined as a gui client’

It has been working fine for years. Even so i have checked and i am defined as a gui client and the server is pinging. I suspect the power failure has caused a corrupt file somewhere, but i dont have a recent backup of this system so need to repair it manually somehow. I am using secure platform and NGX R61.

Any ideas?

Solution: Checkpoint Smart dashboard wont open.

This does seem like a corrupt file etc caused by the power cut.

Normally, we have 2 ways to approach this

1. Revert to a recent backup
2. Escalate to CP support to see if they can determine the problem file and correct it.

As you have not a backup for 1 and R61 went out of support quite a number of years ago, our options are limited.

Have you tried to reboot the device again, gracefully?

Once rebooted, make sure that the GUI client port is still open, ie
netstat -na | grep 18190

We should see a port of listening.

If not, try a cpstop and cpstart and observe any output seen.