DMZ Guide – How to complete the Missing Person mission

DMZ Missing Person mission

Missing Person is a DMZ mission in which you must locate the Driver’s note and transport it to a different location. Here’s how to complete it.

DMZ Guide – How to complete the Missing Person mission

The Missing Person mission is from the Legion faction. Because it is a Tier 3 mission, it may take some time to complete. However, once unlocked and completed, you will be rewarded with:

  • 10,000 XP
  • No Loyalty (Calling Card)

The first step is to locate the driver’s note. This is at the Sariff Bay Bath House in Al Mazrah. Sariff Bay is marked as F7 on the map, so mark it and go there. The bathhouse is located there. The note is hidden inside the bathhouse’s fountain.

Once you’ve obtained the driver’s note, you’ll need to safely exit Al Mazrah and travel to Ashika Island. Before you begin, you may require a stronghold key to access certain parts of this mission. These keys can be obtained by purchasing one, looting one from another player, or finding one as a loot drop when you defeat an AI enemy.

You’ll need to bring your driver’s note to the Ashika Island Apartment Complex. Go to Block B of the apartment complex and look for Room B7. This room will be on the very top floor of the building.

Once you’ve located the room, go to the kitchen counter and place the letter there. Once you’ve finished that, you’ll need to exit the map to complete the mission.

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DMZ is an extraction game mode that was introduced with the release of Warzone 2.0. In DMZ, players fight AI-controlled and player-controlled opponents to exfiltrate loot from the playable area (also known as the Exclusion Zone). Faction missions can expand players’ inventories, giving them more guaranteed loadout weapon slots or the chance to unlock base weapons and cosmetic rewards for Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare II.