Dragon Ball GT – Baby Saga Story Event Guide


Rewards & Drops:

  • 20 Dragon Stones. One for completing each difficulty on each stage
  • The characters listed below who can be Dokkan Awakened
  • The Awaken Medals listed below
CharacterRarityHPATKDEFLeader SkillPassive Skill
Possessed Goten GT – Ambitious First StepSR > SSR7,8375,5773,524INT Type opponent ATK decreased by 20%PHY Type Ki +2
VVVDokkan AwakenVVV
Super Saiyan Possessed Goten GT – Inception of EvilSSR > UR8,5606,8674,416INT Type opponent ATK decreased by 25%PHY Types Ki +3
Vegeta GT – Unwavering SpiritSR > SSR6,5486,0413,589All Types HP & ATK +10%ATK & DEF +2000 as the 1st attacker in a turn
VVVDokkan AwakenVVV
Baby Vegeta – Dreadful FusionSSR > UR7,5747,0794,113All Types HP & ATK +15%ATK & DEF +3500 as the 1st attacker in a turn

Awaken Medals



StageStamBossDropsUnit XPRank XPZeni
Target the Saiyans!8807501203,841
The Worst Brotherly Spat!?81009001204,141
Baby vs. The Greatest Namekian91,0001504,500
Ambition Achieved!?91st Battle:

2nd Battle:
Return to Earth91,2001705,100
Nightmarish Battle91st Battle:

2nd Battle:
Fight! Super Baby!91st Battle:

2nd Battle:
150 – 3002,3001707,300
The Revenge Attack9  160 – 2203,5001709,700
Saiyans’ and Tuffles’ Fate9 17015,00017011,200
The Top-Two on Earth!?9 200 – 4002,50017010,477


StageStamBossDropsUnit XPRank XPZeni
Target the Saiyans!151202,0002,49413,054
The Worst Brotherly Spat!?151502,2002,94913,454
Baby vs. The Greatest Namekian162,4003,00014,300
Ambition Achieved!?161st Battle:

2nd Battle:
Return to Earth164,4003,20018,500
Nightmarish Battle161st Battle:

2nd Battle:
Fight! Super Baby!161st Battle:

2nd Battle:
0 – 250
sometimes 777
The Revenge Attack16  280 – 4008,6003,20426,900
Saiyans’ and Tuffles’ Fate16 30030,0003,20027,700
The Top-Two on Earth!?16 350 – 70010,0003,20029,700

Extra info:

  • The Stages aren’t too hard. A decent rainbow team should make it through all stages
  • First time running a stage has guaranteed drops. After that it’s random
  • You get 10 metallic fruit treasures if you land on a circle in Normal stages and 20 if you land on them in Z-Hard stages