FFXIV update patch notes 6.31 for January 24: New Omega Protocol raid, Warrior bug fix

The FFXIV patch notes for update 6.31 add a new ultimate raid, Omega Protocol, as well as a bunch of new items and achievements to the Square Enix MMORPG.

The high-end duty the Omega Protocol (Ultimate) has been added.

Level RequirementDisciple of War or Magic level 90
Party SizeEight players
Time Limit120 minutes

FFXIV patch notes 6.31 details :


  • New items have been added.

Battle System

  • The high-end duty the Omega Protocol (Ultimate) has been added.


  • New achievements and titles have been added.
  • New music has been added.
  • In order to better facilitate login, one-time passwords will no longer be hidden during entry.

Resolved Issues

  • An issue during the extreme trial implemented in Patch 6.3 wherein player casting was interrupted by certain enemy actions.
  • An issue during the raid dungeon Alphascape V4.0 (Savage) wherein the areas of effect for boss actions Diffuse Wave Cannon and Oversampled Wave Cannon did not display in full.
  • An issue when using the warrior action Shake It Off wherein the amount of HP recovered when only healing self was incorrect under certain conditions.
  • An issue wherein actions with a forward-facing cone or straight-line area of effect would strike in the direction of the selected target, as well as the direction the executing character was facing under certain conditions.
  • An issue wherein the conditions to trigger Fisher’s Intuition at Seagazer Shoals were incorrect.
  • An issue wherein certain wild animals in the island sanctuary did not appear under certain conditions, despite fulfilling necessary requirements.
  • An issue wherein selecting the glamour buttons in the Trust window would not apply intended changes.
  • Other minor text issues have also been addressed.

Known Issues

  • An issue when executing actions that do not affect other recast timers, such as ninja PvE actions Ten and Chi, wherein the recast timers are displayed incorrectly.
    * Players may be unable to execute applicable actions should connection lag occur during this issue.
  • An issue wherein the icons were switched for arcanist/summoner and scholar weapons obtainable in the Omega Protocol (Ultimate).