Final Fantasy 16 Side Quest Guide: Carving Out a Niche

Carving Out a Niche final fantasy 16

Carving Out a Niche is a captivating side quest found within Final Fantasy 16, where players embark on an adventure to assist Sava, a dedicated apprentice Smith, in forging a knife that embodies the essence of Dalimil. Continue reading for a comprehensive guide that outlines each step to successfully accomplish this quest.

Final Fantasy 16 Side Quest Guide: Carving Out a Niche

Step 1: Initiating the Quest

To start the “Carving Out a Niche” side quest, make your way to the Dhalmekian Republic and locate Sava, the apprentice Smith. Speak to Sava at the blacksmith to receive the quest. Sava’s challenge is to craft a knife that embodies the spirit of Dalimil.

Step 2: Gathering Information

To gain insights into what the knife should represent, Clive (your character) must speak with individuals in town who use knives in their professions. The first person to approach is The Flesher, located in a stall on the left side in The Markets. She mentions that she’s looking for a lightweight knife. Proceed further down the hall to The Lock of Toil and speak with the Hunter near The South Gate, who prefers a strong knife.

Step 3: Reporting Back to Sava

After interacting with The Flesher and the Hunter, return to Sava to share the information you’ve gathered. Sava realizes that more knowledge is required to craft the knife according to Dalimilian standards. He suggests consulting the metal trader, who can be found outside of town to the north in The Watcher.

Step 4: Seeking Guidance from the Metal Trader

Head to The Watcher and speak with the metal trader to uncover a Dalimilian secret. You learn that combining limestone and iron creates a more potent metal for the knife.

Step 5: Obtaining Limestone

To acquire limestone, return to town and exit through the South Gate near The Hunter’s location. Follow the path until it branches off to the right, overlooking crystalline waters. Look for three sparkling patches on the white ground and interact with each spot to collect three limestone samples.

Step 6: Completing the Quest

With the limestone in your possession, use the obelisk in town to return to Sava. Deliver the rocks to him, and he will craft the knife. Finally, await L’ubor’s judgment, which determines Sava’s progress. As a reward for assisting Sava, you’ll receive 200 experience, 800 gold, and 10 renown.

By completing the “Carving Out a Niche” side quest in Final Fantasy 16, you have assisted Sava in creating a knife that captures the spirit of Dalimil. Your efforts will be rewarded with 200 Experience, 800 Gold, and 10 Renown. Additionally, consider completing other side quests, such as Blackthorne’s quest, to unlock useful recipes and further enhance your gameplay experience. Enjoy your journey in the world of Final Fantasy 16!