Genshin Impact Gaming Build Guide: Ascension & Talent Materials, Best Weapons, Artifacts, and Team Comps

Genshin Impact’s Lantern Rite welcomes a fiery newcomer – the 4-star Pyro Claymore user, Gaming. This guide delves into his playstyle, best artifact sets, and team compositions, helping you unleash his true potential.

Genshin Impact Gaming Build Guide

Ascension Materials

Level Materials
Agnidus Agate Sliver x1, –, Starconch x3, Sli­me Con­den­sate x3, 20000 Mora
Agnidus Agate Fragment x3, Emperor’s Resolution x2, Starconch x10, Sli­me Con­den­sate x15, 40000 Mora
Agnidus Agate Fragment x6, Emperor’s Resolution x4, Starconch x20, Slime Secretions x12, 60000 Mora
Agnidus Agate Chunk x3, Emperor’s Resolution x8, Starconch x30, Slime Secretions x18, 80000 Mora
Agnidus Agate Chunk x6, Emperor’s Resolution x12, Starconch x45, Sli­me Con­cen­trate x12, 100000 Mora
Agnidus Agate Gemstone x6, Emperor’s Resolution x20, Starconch x60, Sli­me Con­cen­trate x24, 12000 Mora

Talent Materials

Level Materials
2 Teachings of Prosperity x 3, Sli­me Con­den­sate x 6, 12500 Mora
3 Guide to Prosperity x 2, Slime Secretions x 3, 17500 Mora
4 Guide to Prosperity x 4, Slime Secretions x 4, 25000 Mora
5 Guide to Prosperity x 6, Slime Secretions x 6, 30000 Mora
6 Guide to Prosperity x 9, Slime Secretions x 9, 37500 Mora
7 Philosophies of Prosperity x 4, Sli­me Con­cen­trate x 4, Lightless Mass x 1, 120000 Mora
8 Philosophies of Prosperity x 6, Sli­me Con­cen­trate x 6, Lightless Mass x 1, 260000 Mora
9 Philosophies of Prosperity x 12, Sli­me Con­cen­trate x 9, Lightless Mass x 2, 450000 Mora
10 Philosophies of Prosperity x 16, Sli­me Con­cen­trate x 12, Lightless Mass x 2, Crown of Insight x 1, 700000 Mora


Gaming thrives in the heat of battle, dishing out Pyro damage as an on-field DPS. His gameplay revolves around maintaining his Elemental Burst while utilizing his Skill to generate Pyro energy. Here’s how to wield him effectively:

  1. Ignite the Battlefield: Activate his Elemental Burst to deal Pyro damage and gain increased Normal Attack speed.
  2. Unleash the Blazing Strike: Spam his Elemental Skill, “Blazing Strike,” to deal Pyro damage and generate energy for his Burst.
  3. Fuel the Flames: Use his Normal Attacks during Skill cooldowns to further build his Burst and support teammates through elemental reactions.

Tip: When paired with Xianyun and Bennett (C6), prioritize Gaming’s Normal Attacks for optimal damage.


Choosing the right artifacts is crucial for maximizing Gaming’s potential. Here are some top options:

  • Marechaussee Hunter (4-piece): Ideal for utilizing his HP mechanic. The 4-piece bonus grants a powerful Crit Rate buff based on HP changes, synergizing well with his self-healing and HP consumption. Remember to balance with Crit DMG in sub-stats or weapon to avoid over-critting.

Gaming Build Genshin Impact

  • Crimson Witch of Flames (4-piece): A classic Pyro DPS set, offering stackable Pyro DMG bonus and reaction damage buffs. Perfect for maximizing raw Pyro damage.
  • Gilded Dreams (4-piece): An alternative for an EM-focused build and team composition. Provides Elemental Mastery and ATK buffs based on team composition.

For beginners or incomplete artifact sets, consider these 2-piece combinations:

  • Gladiator’s Finale/Shimenawa’s Reminiscence/Vermillion Hereafter/Echoes of an Offering/Nighttime Whispers in the Echoing Wood

Remember, the best build ultimately depends on your team composition and playstyle. Experiment and find what works best for you!



Serpent Spine Base ATK 510
CRIT Rate 27.6%
Rainslasher Base ATK 510
Elemental Mastery 165
Lithic Blade Base ATK 510
ATK 41.3%
Makhaira Aquamarine Base ATK 510
Elemental Mastery 165
Tidal Shadow Base ATK 510
ATK 41.3%
Mailed Flower Base ATK 565
Elemental Mastery 110
“Ultimate Overlord’s Mega Magic Sword” Base ATK 565
Energy Recharge 30.6%
Blackcliff Slasher Base ATK 510
CRIT DMG 55.1%


Wolf’s Gravestone Base ATK 608
ATK 49.6%
The Unforged Base ATK 608
ATK 49.6%
Redhorn Stonethresher Base ATK 542
CRIT DMG 88.2%
Verdict Base ATK 674
CRIT Rate 22.1%
Beacon of the Reed Sea Base ATK 608
CRIT Rate 33.1%
Skyward Pride Base ATK 674
Energy Recharge 36.8%

Team Comps

Xingqiu/Yelan/Fischl, Bennett, Kazuha

This team focuses on maximizing Vaporize reactions, the bread and butter of Pyro DPS. Xingqiu, Yelan, or Fischl provide consistent Hydro application, allowing Gaming’s plunges to trigger potent Vaporize explosions. Bennett fuels reactions and heals, while Kazuha shreds enemy defenses for even more damage.

Xianyun, Bennett, Xiangling/Xingqiu/Rosaria

Xianyun’s arrival ignites a new synergy. She buffs Gaming’s plunge attacks and heals him, while Bennett (C6) enables off-field Pyro DPS. Xiangling enhances the Pyro resonance for increased ATK, while Xingqiu or Rosaria offer alternative reaction options.

Nahida, Baizhu/Yaoyao, Yelan/Xingqiu/Fischl

Embrace the power of Dendro with this Burgeon-focused team. Nahida, Baizhu, or Yaoyao provide Dendro application, while Yelan, Xingqiu, or Fischl trigger Burgeon reactions with Hydro. Gaming serves as an EM-focused Pyro enabler, amplifying Dendro Core explosions.

Armed with this guide, venture into Teyvat and harness the blazing might of Gaming. Master his combos, fine-tune your builds, and witness your enemies succumb to the fiery hero’s wrath. May your journey through Genshin Impact be ablaze with success!