Genshin Impact Gaming Leaks: Elemetal Skill, Burst & Constellations

Genshin Impact Gaming Leaks
Image via HoYoVerse

Hold onto your hats, Travelers, because a fiery meteor named Gaming is hurtling towards Genshin Impact! Leaks courtesy of the trustworthy HXG have unveiled glimpses of this intriguing 4-star Pyro Claymore character, and his kit promises a thrilling plunge-focused playstyle unlike any we’ve seen before.

Genshin Impact Gaming Leaks

Gaming’s Pyro Plunge DPS Kit

According to leaks shared by the reputable source HXG, Gaming is designed as a Pyro Claymore user specializing in plunge DPS. While some players might initially express disappointment at yet another Pyro DPS character, Gaming’s unique abilities promise to bring a fresh and engaging perspective to dealing damage in the game.

  • Elemental Skill: Gaming’s Elemental Skill involves a dynamic dash forward, followed by a spectacular leap into the air. Upon landing, he executes a Pyro-infused plunge attack, inflicting damage to enemies in the vicinity. Notably, this ability consumes Gaming’s health upon landing, with a maximum cap of 10%.
  • Elemental Burst: In his Elemental Burst state, Gaming enters a Pyro-infused mode, simultaneously healing himself and summoning a fiery companion. This companion smashes the target area, causing significant AoE Pyro damage. After the attack, the companion rolls back towards Gaming, exiting the field and refreshing Gaming’s Elemental Skill cooldown upon convergence. During the Burst, if Gaming’s health is above 50% and he performs the Elemental Skill’s plunge attack, the companion is summoned again, repeating the process.
Image via king varka


  • C1: Gaming’s health is restored by 15% when the summoned companion from his Burst converges with him.
  • C2: If Gaming receives healing that exceeds his maximum health, his ATK is increased by 20% for 5 seconds.
  • C3: Increases the level of Gaming’s Elemental Skill by 3.
  • C4: Upon landing an empowered plunge attack from his Elemental Skill, Gaming regenerates 2 energy every 0.2 seconds.
  • C5: Increases the level of Gaming’s Elemental Burst by 3.
  • C6: Elemental Skill CRIT Rate is increased by 20%, CRIT DMG increased by 40%, and the attack range is expanded.

That concludes our sneak peek into Gaming’s abilities in Genshin Impact. While the leaks have provided a tantalizing glimpse, it’s essential to approach this information with caution, as details may change upon the official release. As players eagerly anticipate the arrival of Version 4.5, Gaming’s unique playstyle and intriguing constellations are sure to capture the attention of Genshin Impact enthusiasts.