How to Find Wine for the Massive Feather in Honkai: Star Rail

If you’re playing Honkai: Star Rail, then you might have just encountered the Massive Feather, a rather peculiar fellow with an even more peculiar request – wine. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on how to quench this feathered friend’s thirst.

How to Find Wine for the Massive Feather in Honkai: Star Rail

The Massive Feather can be found in the City Sandpit. Head towards the central square where you’ll find a pinball machine. Use this contraption to reach the isolated zones, specifically the rightmost one. There, perched precariously on a lamppost, is our oversized friend.

Talk to the Massive Feather and it’ll reveal its craving for some “fine wine.” Unfortunately, your regular in-game consumables won’t do the trick. Thankfully, the solution lies within the same map.

Honkai Star Rail Massive Feather

Teleport back to the Reception Counter space anchor. Look to your left – you’ll see a group of wine bottles huddled together on a couch, seemingly engaged in a deep conversation (it’s a dream world, after all!). Don’t be shy, approach them and inquire about the “finest” among them.

These bottles, with their own unique personalities, won’t give you a straight answer. You’ll have to play them against each other. Start by pitting the Red wine against the others, creating a bit of friendly competition. Here, you get to choose your champion – pick the wine you think deserves the title of “finest.” The choice itself doesn’t affect the outcome, but it does provide some entertaining flavor text.

With your chosen bottle of “fine wine” in hand, return to the Massive Feather in the City Sandpit. Offer your selection, and watch as the giant bird finally detaches itself from the lamppost. Consider it a “thank you” for your service! You’ll also be rewarded with the “Why Is the Origami Bird So Huge?” achievement for your troubles.

While rescuing this oversized avian friend doesn’t contribute to the total bird count for Dewlight Pavillion’s Manager rewards, it’s definitely worth a quick detour. So, complete this quest guilt-free, knowing you’ve simply helped a thirsty (and rather large) feathered friend in Honkai: Star Rail.