How to Unlock the Mysterious Archon Archetype in Remnant 2

remnant 2 archon

Remnant 2 hides some secret archetypes for players to discover, with the elusive Archon being one of the most complex to unlock. Here’s everything you need to unlock this archetype.

How to Unlock the Mysterious Archon Archetype in Remnant 2

Unlocking the Archon archetype demands a careful collection of various items, archetypes, and gear before delving into a well-hidden door within the Labyrinth. Here’s a comprehensive list of everything you need:

  1. Amber Moonstone
  2. Anastasija’s Inspiration
  3. Black Cat Band
  4. Cube Gun
  5. Explorer archetype at level 10 with the Fortune Hunter skill activated.
  6. Ford’s Scattergun
  7. Full Realmwalker Armourset
  8. Invader archetype at level 5 with the Worm Hole skill activated.
  9. Labyrinth Staff
  10. Leto’s Amulet
  11. Void Heart Relic
  12. Zania’s Malice

Once you’ve collected and equipped all the necessary items, head to a secret door within the Labyrinth. The following instructions assume you have completed the Labyrinth for the first time:

  1. From the Fractured Ingress World Stone, head down the stairs and take a left through the doorway to the left of the giant portal.
  2. Proceed to the right, going up a small set of stairs, and pass through the cross-shaped doorway.
  3. You’ll encounter a portal here that changes your teleport location every few seconds. Wait for it to change to a location where it seems you’ll fall to your doom, then pass through it to initiate the fall.
  4. After a brief descent, you’ll land on a newly formed stone pathway.

Follow the stone pathway to its end, and there, hidden within a corrupted biome gate, you’ll find the entrance to the Backrooms. This is a maze with limited exploration time, so quick thinking is essential. Your goal is to locate a crucial item called the Strange Box, which can be found in the far back left section of the area.

With the Strange Box acquired from the secret Backrooms area, you can claim the mighty Archon archetype from Wallace and begin dominating Remnant 2‘s many challenges.