Remnant 2 Guide – How to Access the Purple Item in The Chimney Dungeon

remnant 2 purple item

The Chimney dungeon in Remnant 2 holds a tricky puzzle around a marked purple item that oddly yields nothing when investigated. If you’ve found the dead end this elusive loot seems to be marking, our guide will help you locate and obtain the real prize.

Remnant 2 Guide – How to Access the Purple Item in The Chimney Dungeon

The Chimney is a dungeon within the world of Yaesha in Remnant 2. Upon reaching the end of this dungeon, players will notice a purple item marked on the map. However, simply traveling to its location won’t yield any results. Here is the right way to get this item.

  • Ascend the Spiral Once you reach the end of “The Chimney” dungeon, begin your ascent up the spiral path towards the marked position of the purple item.
  • Spot the Glowing Orb: As you continue climbing, you’ll encounter a root bridge. Situate yourself near the center of the bridge and look to your right and slightly upward. There, you’ll find a glowing orb against the far wall. Refer to the images below for the precise location.

  •  Shoot the Orb: Take out your firearm in Remnant 2 and aim at the glowing orb. A well-aimed shot will cause the purple item to dislodge and fall to the ground.
  • Collect the Downward Spiral Amulet: Descend the spiral and retrieve the purple item, which turns out to be the Downward Spiral amulet. When equipped, this amulet increases Fire Rate by 10% and Melee Attack Speed by 15%. Moreover, it grants additional Ranged and Melee Damage based on the hero’s missing health.

Unveiling More Secrets in “The Chimney” Dungeon

Apart from the purple item, there are other secrets waiting to be discovered in “The Chimney” dungeon. While not guaranteed, keep an eye out for these special events during your exploration:

  • Open Coffin: In a square room within “The Chimney,” you might stumble upon a large open coffin. Jumping into it will reward you with the Berserker’s Crest ring and the Extender mutator.
  • Illusory Wall: Look for a small room with a coffin that can be looted. Next to the coffin, you’ll find an illusory wall. Break through it to find the path leading to the Tomb Dweller’s Ring and the Necklace of Flowing Life amulet.
  • Tomb: In a room with four large statues on the pillars, shoot their glowing faces to reveal a hidden path into a tomb. Inside, you can claim the Lithic Signet ring.

Exploring The Chimney can be a rewarding experience, so keep an eye out for these secrets while delving into this captivating dungeon in Remnant 2!