Modern Warfare 2 Guide – How to get double crossbow kills

Modern Warfare 2 double crossbow kills

Getting a crossbow kill in Modern Warfare 2 is difficult enough, but getting double crossbow kills is a whole different story. Here are some of the best tricks to make it easier.

Modern Warfare 2 Guide – How to get double crossbow kills

This challenge is even harder than usual because aiming is already hard. When you combine that with the time it takes to draw an arrow, you have a very hard mission. To complete it, players will have to get creative and get better at aiming.

One quick way to do this is to tactically wound a player before killing two. Break a leg with a sharp crossbow bolt, then try to hit the other two as quickly as possible.

Using the Fast Hands perk makes this much easier. If you don’t use this perk, you’re doing the challenge with one hand tied behind your back—once it’s activated, you’ll be able to reload your crossbow much faster.

Explosive bolts are another option. Using these bad boys will deal damage and cause an explosion large enough to harm nearby enemies. You can always do something similar to the above strategy. Shooting an enemy in the leg will inflict damage, and you can then follow it up with a bolt to the chest of another player, which will most likely kill both.

The final strategy is to melee kill someone and then bolt them, or vice versa. Some Call of Duty players have reported that this tactic works, so it’s definitely worth a shot.

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