WoW Classic Season of Discovery: How to Complete the Thrice Stolen Quest

Thrice Stolen Quest WoW Classic
Images via Blizzard Entertainment

As a budding Rogue embarking on your journey in WoW Classic Season of Discovery, the Thrice Stolen quest presents an exciting opportunity to acquire a valuable rune and hone your combat skills. This guide will walk you through the steps of completing this quest, exclusive to Human, Dwarf, and Gnome Rogues.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery: How to Complete the Thrice Stolen Quest

To begin the Thrice Stolen quest, you’ll need to reach level 2. Once you’ve achieved this, seek out the Rogue Trainer specific to your race. Here are the locations of the Rogue Trainers for the three races involved in this quest:

  • Jorik Kerridan (Human): Northshire Abbey (50.36, 39.35)
  • Solm Hargrin (Dwarf/Gnome): Coldridge Valley (28.42, 67.55)

When you speak to your respective Rogue Trainer, you’ll discover that different enemy mobs have stolen a magical rune from them. The rune in question is the Shadowstrike, and your task is to find and retrieve it. Here are the locations of the stolen rune for each Rogue race:

  • Human: Vineyard, between two outhouses (52.5, 51.9)
  • Dwarf/Gnome: Inside the Ice Troll cave (30.7, 80.0)

Once you collect the Shadowstrike rune, you can utilize its power against the enemies surrounding it. It is advisable to head directly to the cache and use the rune to enchant your Gloves with Shadowstrike. This will enable you to teleport behind your targets and unleash devastating damage upon them.

After your adventure, return to your Rogue Trainer and speak with them again. This signifies the completion of the Thrice Stolen quest in WoW Classic. As a reward for your efforts, you will receive the following:

  • 90 Experience Points
  • 50 Faction Reputation Points
  • Cracked Leather Gloves
  • Shadowstrike Rune

As a Rogue embarking on your WoW Classic Season of Discovery adventure, completing the Thrice Stolen quest is an exciting milestone. By retrieving the stolen Shadowstrike rune and utilizing its power, you will prove your skills as a Rogue. Remember to visit the appropriate Rogue Trainer for your race and follow their guidance. Good luck on your journey, and may your adventures in WoW Classic be filled with success and glory!