Problem : Can Fortigate automatically update DNS records?

Problem : Can Fortigate automatically update DNS records?

1.If you fire up a default Windows XP client looking for a dynamic IP address on a network served by a stock W2K3 Server DHCP Server, the DHCP server automatically creates AHOST and PTR records with the DNS Server.

2.If we turn off the W2K3 DHCP Server and use the FortiGate DHCP Server , this behavior stops.

3.There are a number of brutish ways to get around this, ipconfig /registerdns on the client and others like checking boxes in the Windows Client TCP/IP config.

4.Wed like to find an elegant way to do this with the FortiGate before we start to fool with all the XP clients.

5.One hint:  This doc ( mentions DHCP Server Options and the FortiGate has spaces for  what looks like these options. Weve beat our heads against the wall to no avail.

REMINDER OF OVERALL GOAL:  Easy way to use DHCP Server on FortiGate 50B and DNS Server on W2K3 Server and get automatic AHOST and PTR records in the DNS Server without hand-tuning the clients.  IOW, simulate the elegant auto-registration of the W2K3 DHCP Server using the Fortigate.


Solution: Can Fortigate automatically update DNS records?

1) That is the way DHCP and DNS work together when both are on Windows servers

2) FrontGate does not have the ability to update your internal DNS, that is a function of the integration of DNS and DHCP on a Windows server

3) Yes that will work but as you said brutish

4) Why, just use the DHCP server built into windows and turn it off on FrontGate that is the ideal way to do it in a Windows network

5) These DHCP options are things you set in your DHCP scope that tell your clients where DNS servers, Routers, and many other things are on your network.

My recommendation is to turn DHCP off on the FrontGate, turn it back on on your Windows server.  Configure your scope options to point DNS to your internal DC and the gateway to the inside interface of the FrontGate.