5 Up and Coming Businesses to Watch 

Economic challenges and technological changes have created new opportunities for different types of businesses. 

While countries tackle inflation, housing shortages, and labor issues, entrepreneurs from around the world keep innovating. As the business landscape continues to shift, there are some fun new businesses to watch.

VR Cafe

Augmented reality and virtual reality are ready to set the world on fire, and there are incredible opportunities in this sector. One of the businesses to watch will be VR cafes. 

VR cafes are brick-and-mortar locations where customers pay for a VR experience, usually by the hour. Your VR content can include everything from games to educational content. VR escape rooms are also becoming popular.

VR cafes are a step up from cybercafes and can be fun places to gather. You can reach corporate clients by offering VR workshops, training, meetings, and conferences. 

Starting a VR cafe requires a business plan, a location, and financing. Your VR cafe will be exposed to several risks just like any brick-and-mortar store. Find the best small business insurance on the market to protect your investment. 

Be sure to get a policy bundle that protects you with worker’s compensation, general liability, and product liability. If anything goes wrong with your startup, you will be personally safeguarded, too. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with an insurance policy bundle that is tailored to your business.

Online Learning Courses

Online learning courses have been extremely popular and don’t show any signs of slowing. 

Most customers of online learning courses use them in the privacy of their own homes, but many corporations are also purchasing online learning courses for their entire organization.

If you have the knowledge and there is a big enough market for your online course, they can be profitable, and the best part is that once the course is developed, most of the income is passive. 

Online learning courses are primarily aimed at educated adults with technology skills, but there is a continuing need for remote learning resources for children as well.

3D Printing Services

People are beginning to recognize the applications of 3D printing, and it is a fast-growing industry. 3D printing services can be pretty profitable, and several niche categories exist. 

Some of the 3D printing businesses that are seeing tremendous growth include companies that are creating educational models, marketing and promotional materials, and children’s toys. 

There isn’t really a limit to what can be produced with 3D printing. One of the most disruptive uses of this technology is 3D-printed homes. 3D home printing is transforming the construction industry as entire houses are printed with 3D printers.

Companies can print 3D homes in less than 24 hours. With housing shortages threatening every country, this is definitely an up-and-coming business to watch.

Aerial Photography

Getting a bird’s eye view of a piece of real estate makes it easier for people to find properties they like without having to visit them in person. With the advent of drones, the commercial use of aerial photography continues to grow, and finding new ways to use this technology will be important in the next few years.

Besides real estate applications, business solutions that currently use aerial photography include tourism advertising, construction inspections, and cartography. 

Television and film also use aerial photography, and while drones haven’t replaced helicopters for news, they are being used to supplement it. 

Specialist Car Detailing

The automotive industry has been fascinating to watch over the past couple of years as electric vehicles hit center stage and global chip shortages created distressing supply issues.

The average lifespan of a car is increasing. In 2006, it was about eight years or 150,000 miles, and it has recently risen to about 13 years. Because of this, people are taking better care of their cars. 

Innovations in both interior and exterior car detailing have created business opportunities. Mobile car detailing is a profitable way to make money. Mobile detailers make it easier for companies to service their whole fleet and can also be used to service marine vehicles.

Innovation Leaders

Small businesses are much better at developing new ideas than large corporations. The flexibility of a small company makes it easier for it to innovate new products. 

Businesses exist to solve people’s problems, and that’s why a world with many problems translates to numerous business opportunities.

Business success through innovation is easier for small businesses because they can bring their ideas to production much faster than big companies. Small businesses are disruptive and more likely to have breakthrough products.

Small Business Startups Lead the Way

Starting a small business is a straightforward process. If you have a concept design for the modernization of any business sector that can work, now is the time to make it happen. 

Don’t hesitate to create a business plan, seek funding, and start your small business if you have a solution to common problems today.