Access Location Restricted Websites Like Pandora In Firefox With Blue Box Proxy

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Some websites are blocked outside a country or region such as USA due to copyright issues. This is a common annoyance that leaves many users stranded and deprived of access to quality content and web platforms. Blue Box Proxy is a Firefox extension that allows instantly accessing blocked websites in your area. Just choose the Open With Blue Box Proxy option from right-click menu, to gain access to a blocked website. Make sure you right-click on a hyperlink like the websites name to get the BlueBox option.

For example, you can access Pandora from outside US,  with Blue Box Proxy. See the below images for more details.

To gain access to any restricted website, choose Open With Blue Box proxy from the right-click context menu (click on a hyper link or hyper linked image).Note: You might get some streaming issues on audio and video streaming websites, as is the case when using proxies.

This will open a new tab which will have complete access to the blocked website. It must be noted that the access gained through Blue Box Proxy is restricted to the newly opened tab.

You can also try other Websites like Spotify, that may be partially accessible in your area.

Unfortunately, it cannot bypass websites like Hulu and Veoh. Other than that, it works fine for accessing location restricted websites. BlueBox Proxy can also be quite useful in countries where websites like Facebook or Twitter may be banned.

Bluebox Proxy is mainly useful for accessing non-streaming websites which may be blocked in your area.

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