Block Ads, Trackers, Bugs & Web Beacons With Block In Chrome

Chrome Block is a Google Chrome extension that blocks web beacons, ads, trackers, bugs, and other tracking technologies that advertisement companies use to track your browsing preferences online. This extension identifies such unwanted sources on each page that you visit and allows you to block advertisements and different kinds of trackers. This extension can be handy for privacy conscious users who do not wish to be endlessly tracked by advertisement companies and websites that try to profile users according to their search preferences or online activity.

After installing this Chrome extension, you can access it from a button next to the browser bar. From here users can configure Global Settings to block trackers across all sites that you visit. It acts like a universal blocking option that can be customized to allow or restrict specified trackers. All trackers for visited pages are clearly displayed within a drop down menu.

Block Ads

This extension blocks all advertisements automatically when you visit a website. You can also check the web trackers list by clicking on the Chrome Block icon and choose to block or unblock trackers. Chrome Block contains advertising opt-out cookie features that allows users to block targeted advertising. Hence, this extension stops advertisers from delivering content based on tracking details that advertisers use to check your online behavior. Furthermore, you can easily unblock trackers and advertisers according to preference. For example, if you can unblock advertisements for your favorite websites so that their revenue is not affected.


Chrome Block is an extension much like Ad Block which allows Chrome users to not only control advertisements but also to stop trackers from obtaining information about theirĀ  preferences. The special feature of this extension is its ability to stop prying sources from monitoring your online activity and browsing behavior. It must be noted that when you block ads, the visited website does not generate revenue, so you can unblock ads for websites that you like.

Install: Chrome Block Extension for Google Chrome