Block Comments From Users On Google Plus [Buzz & Google+ Troll Remover]

Lately I came across a Google Plus extension covered by Martin from ghacks which provides a useful feature which for some reason Google+ does not have as a built in functionality as yet.

If you are using Google Buzz or Google+ you probably noticed that it even if you block someone you still see comments from this person in other people “feeds”. Buzz & Google+ Troll Remover is a Chrome extension which allows you to get rid of these annoying monsters. It adds simple [x] button near name of each person in Google Buzz & Google+ visible in Gmail, if you click this [x] Buzz & Google+ Troll Remover will ask you if you want to hide all posts from this person, and if your answer will be ‘Yes” the posts will be filter out and hidden.



As you can see a [x] sign appears next to all usernames of people appearing in your feed. you can click on this sign to hide comments from specific people.

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Clicking on the [x] mark opens a prompt to allow you to hide all posts from the specific user. Click OK to get rid of the Troll.

The page at says

You can also check out the below video to see this extension in action.

Install: Buzz & Google+ Troll Remover for Chrome

[via ghacks]