Block website Ads With Simple Adblock Extension For Internet Explorer

Ad Block has been a famous extension for Firefox, Chrome and Safari, for blocking unwanted adds on websites. Since long Internet Explorer users have longed for a version of this extension, which was made available a few months back by the name of Simple Adblock. Although this extension was launched last year, however, it has now become more easy to use and has been enhanced to provide some great features that perhaps the AdBlock version of other browsers also lack. Simple Adblock offers an easy approach to block webpage ads for a cleaner user experience.

There is no need for creating advanced filter lists, as the user can simply select their country. Simple Adblock removes ads even before they are downloaded by Internet Explorer and hides the occupied space, using element hiding. This lightweight IE plugin has been designed to work with all latest Internet Explorer versions, including IE7, IE8, IE9  and IE 10.

Simple Adblock makes use of the community based Ad-blocking filters, and retrieves the latest updates when they become available. Once installed,  Simple Adblock can be enabled from the prompt on the status bar, after which you will be asked to select your country to start blocking ads. As shown in the video given below, a welcome page appears in Internet Explorer, in order to help you perform some basic configurations. This extension is automatically updated, and can run within Internet Explorer without additional configurations. It adds a menu icon to the status bar, which can be used to disable ad-blocking on a specific website. or to access extension settings.

It is worth mentioning here that blocking ads on websites can lead to loss of revenue for them. Therefore, if you like a website and would be willing to allow ads on it so that the website does not loose valuable revenue, then right click on the status bar icon of Adblock and select the disable option, to specifically disable the extension for that website.  Simple Adblock works on the following Internet Explorer versions:

Simple Adblock extension for Internet Explorer