Easily Sort And Beautify Your Tabs in Mozilla Firefox With Colorful Tabs

If you are tired of seeing your tabs in the same old dull color and find it difficult to sort your tabs, then it might be time to add some color to them. Colorful Tabs is a Mozilla Firefox add-on that beatifies your tabs with multiple colors , which makes them easier to sort.

Once installed, this extension automatically adds different colors to your opened tabs which you can also choose a custom color for. Users can right click on any of the tabs to access the extension’s drop down menu. From this menu each tab can be given custom colors from the Tab Color option. You can also reset the tab color for a default view of the tab and use the Re-Color option to color a tab again.


The General tab in options, allows the user to customize whether he/she would like to view tabs in random colors or in specific colors for specific hosts. You can also select Color On Demand, which will keep tabs in a default view unless you select a color yourself by right clicking on the tab. The rest of the options in this tab allow users to configure context menu, highlighting, pop up menu and background options.


The Preset and Color Fine-Tuning tabs allow users to select color tuning options for their tabs. In the Presets tab, users can also choose to add domain names (e.g. yahoo.com) and set a specified color for them. This will open the selected host name in a tab with the specified color.


In order to be able to set the tuning options in the Color Fine Tuning tab, you must check the Enable Fine Tuning option, in order to be able set the luminance and saturation levels of your Firefox tabs.


Colorful tabs is quite an innovative and fun extension for Firefox users. If you wish to add a more lively look to your tabs and consider colored tabs to be easier to sort, then this extension is the right addition for your Firefox browser.

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