Find Subtitles In Any Language For Movies In Chrome With Subtitles Search

Subtitles Search is a Chrome extension that allows searching for movie subtitles in multiple languages from the Chrome browser, which can then be added to your movies separately. This allows being able to watch the movie with subtitles in English as well as your native language (if available).

Just click on the Subtitles Search button next to the browser bar, type the name of the movie, select a language and hit Search. You can also choose the All option to search subtitles in multiple languages. This will display the available subtitles from open subtitles website. You can click on the desired subtitle language and download them (from the Open subtitles website to which you will be redirected to). Subtitles Search provides the convenience to quickly locate subtitles for a specific movie by typing its name in the Chrome browser, which eliminates searching for them across search engines or even the Open subtitles website.

Also check out VisualSubSync, which is a cross platform subtitle editor that enables editing subs with real time video preview and checks subtitles for errors.

Subtitles Search Extension for Chrome