Instantly Access Essential Tools In Chrome With Mini Tools Menu

When it comes to Chrome, I have always had an issues with the way it displays numerous settings for managing browser options. The Settings drop-down menu in particular is not the most convenient section for locating and managing essential Chrome options. I find this menu to be unnecessarily convoluted and I believe that there should be a simplified toolbar or drop down menu with the most commonly used Chrome shortcuts to simplify management of browser settings.

Mini Tools Menu is a Chrome extension which provides an additional drop-down menu for the Google Chrome browser.

This menu contains the most essentials options such as shortcuts to access downloads, bookmarks, history and extension settings.

This makes it easy to sort out and access links that are widely used within the Chrome browser. For example, having the utility to go to the extensions link from a simple drop down menu is much easier as compared to accessing it from Settings –> Tools –> Extensions.

It appears that the developer made this extension mainly because of the annoyance of having to locate each minor Chrome option from within many sub-menus and across numerous tabs. I hope that there are more links added to this alternative menu soon. For example, it might be a good idea to include zoom, auto-fill, synchronization, password management, content settings, proxy settings, language and spell checking settings and incognito mode shortcuts within Mini Tools Menu.

Post Update: The Chrome Store link for Mini Tools Menu has been removed, for this reason I have added an alternative Softpedia link which you can use to download and install Mini Tools Menu.

Get Mini Tools Menu Extension For Google Chrome