Locate Required Information From Webpages Easily With Browseye

Browseye is an extension for Firefox, Chrome And Safari that helps quickly locate relevant data from webpages by hiding irrelevant content. Browseye is basically an extended version of the CTRL+F command with more convenient options to identify relevant information from within a webpage by highlighting paragraphs and chunks of text that contain the defined content.

While the native CTRL+F command allows searching for data within a webpage, one can often get distracted by portions of irrelevant data while attempting to identify required information. Browseye makes this process easier by hiding the rest of the text. Furthermore, unlike the native search feature in modern browsers, Browseye also provides search suggestions for relevant keywords as you type.


After installation, click the Browseye icon from your browser. This will open a search bar where you can type and receive suggestions for your required content. Click the “eye” icon to search the webpage.

Search For Text Using Browseye

This will help you find your required data while blotting out the rest of the text on the webpage.  You can even perform a web search for the searched term by hitting the search (hourglass) icon.

Relevant Data

While Browseye might not be a feature rich browser extension, it can be quite useful for searching pages with too much text or for people who might suffer from eye problems and find it difficult to find relevant content amid heaps of text. You can find out more about this extension from the video given below.

It would be quite helpful if the developer can add additional functionality for end users such as perhaps the option to bookmark the page with a cloud based service such as Evernote or the option to send the page or selected content to a service like Instapaper. Any additional functionality of this kind can enhance the utility of this browser extension and make it more convenient for users to get multiple functionalities from a single add-on.

Download Browseye