Make Chrome New Tab Your Favorites Page With New Tab Favorites

New Tab Favorites is a Chrome extension which replaces the new tab page with your own selected list of websites. The concept is quite similar to that of speed dial, however, unlike speed dial it has a cleaner look and a minimalist display of selected websites in the form of favicons. Some websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc are added by default. Whereas, you can click on the Edit button to add/remove websites. Since the displayed websites are in the form of favicons, therefore, it requires less space than any conventional speed dial extension which enables adding more websites to the new tabs page.

To add more websites or to remove exciting ones, click on the Edit Mode button. From here, you can add a website name, URL and click Add to include it to the list. If you would like to remove any links, just check the Show Page URL check box and the edit/remove option will appear. A favicon is automatically generated for the added website. The only downside is that unfortunately it does not currently provide an easy drag and drop functionality to easily arrange favicons.

New Tab Favorites Extension for Chrome