Make Your Web Pages Faster With YSlow [Extension]

YSlow is a Yahoo application that helps in improving the performance of webpages. Recently, YSlow extension for Chrome has been released, which has brought its functionality to the Chrome browser. It basically allows analyzing a website in numerous ways that may help determine why the web page(s) may be loading slow on browsers. It also suggest ways to improve website performance based on detailed stats. This can be quite useful to analyze the areas of a website that may need improvement, in order to make it more efficient.

To analyze any page, click on the YSlow icon next to the address bar.

This will launch a window from where you can test the performance of the webpage by clicking on Run Test from the Home tab.

This will start the test for analyzing the performance of the webpage.

At the end of the test, a detailed result is presented with a grade, improvement suggestions and website stats.

A pie chart for the stats can also be viewed from the Stats tab. Whereas the Components tab contains general information obtained during the testing process (e.g. the associated URLs with the tested page).

YSlow Extension for Chrome