Quickly Lookup IP Address Location In Chrome With IP Geolocator

IP Geolocator is a Google Chrome extension that provides the option to instantly locate IPv4 address. Just enter the IP address in the text box and hit OKĀ  to find the location. This can be useful for people who wish to locate the geographical location of an IP address, for example, some people keep firewall logs which can be used to check which IPs might be attempting to collect information about their computer. They can be investigated by using this extension. Although, there are many services that offer the same function, being able to do that instantly from the Chrome browser is indeed quite convenient.

It uses the Google Maps and Maxmind GeoLite City database to display the location of the specified IP. It can be viewed in satellite, hybrid, terrain and map form. It has been ported from the Android application with the same name. According to the developer, it has a high level of accuracy and will be updated monthly to ensure that latest GeoLite data is used for accurate results.

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