Reasons Why You Should Use A Virtual Agent For Your Website

A Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) requires using new and innovative methods of interacting and responding to customers. While some basic resources such as an FAQ or Help section may be considered appropriate by most business professionals, things can be improved further by the use of a virtual agent.

The Use Of A Virtual Agent For A Website

A virtual agent is a computer program that is used for answering customer queries and providing them with a better response. Such programs are designed to provide potential and existing clients with personalized support with the help of a talking avatar that can be personalized according to the cultural requirements and backdrop of clients from a specific location.

Virtual Agent

The Problem With FAQs And Other Type Of Basic Help Sections

The timespan of website visitors is growing shorter day by day and it is becoming quite hard to attract customers to websites, let alone retaining them for a few minutes. An average user will have a glance at a website for a few seconds and then move on if he/she is unable to find it interesting enough. Unfortunately, this is also true for people looking to buy a product or service. Following are some reasons why a virtual agent can be more helpful them a “Help” or FAQs” section.

  • A virtual agent is considered a novelty for most users and is equally appealing for people from all types of age groups.
  • The academic background of the user is also not always as good as what one might expect. This means that your website might be visited by people who can barely read or write. This however does not mean that such users cannot be profitable for the business.
  • The problem with basic Help sections and FAQ pages on a website is that they can be easily ignored and the links for such pages can be hard to find for the end user. This is because such page links are located usually in areas such as the footer of a website, which makes it that much hard to spot it.

Innovative Method

Benefits Of Using A Virtual Agent

Since a virtual agent can serve as a customer service representative (so to speak), it can be an easy way of retaining incoming visitors and reducing the bounce rate of the website. The end result can be better response to customer queries.


Using Artificial Intelligence With Attractive Graphics

The use of attractive graphics with an A1 program such as a virtual agent can strike gold for a company. This is because visually appealing graphics can retain incoming visitors, provided they are backed with a user friendly mechanism. This not only includes an intuitive UI (user interface) but also a convenient mode of engagement with the user such as a virtual agent.


Cost Effective Method Of Client Engagement

A virtual agent can be quite cost effective as one does not require hiring agents to provide a 24/7 service to answer customer queries. It is not hidden secret that most questions asked by potential clients are usually available in the FAQs section, however people often do not bother looking at them. This is where a virtual agent can save thousands of dollars (if not more) in eliminating call center and CSR support for potential and actual clients who may be looking for some basic answers to their queries.

Cost Effective Method


Virtual agents are often programmed to answer all kinds of user questions including something as odd as a “marriage proposal”, (which often results in a funny reply). Hence, the user can be engaged in dealing with the virtual agent for all kinds of purposes, including frivolous activities. However, at the end of the day the virtual agent will be able to provide the incoming visitors with details regarding the business, service or product, which can help acquire leads, increase revenue and profits.