Remove MegaVideo, MegaUpload, Veoh Restriction In Chrome & Firefox With illimitux

The Illimitux extension forĀ Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome removesvideo streaming limitations imposed by some streaming platforms like MegaVideo, MegaUpload and Veoh. When Illimitux detects a compatible site, a message appears and offer to disable limitations. These include the 72 minute video restrictions on MegaVideo, automatically fill of MegaUpload’s captcha code and the ability to play videos longer than 5 minutes on Veoh- without installing Veoh TV- and many other things.

Once this add-on is installed, it automatically detects video restrictions and allows to remove such barriers by clicking on the Remove Limitations button.

To use illimitux you will have to login with an account. An account can also be registered for free. This is because the restricted videos will eventually be played at the illimitux website.

When you use illimitux for the first time, you will require installing CacoWeb. Unfortunately, the CacoWeb link provided by illimitux does not work anymore, but you can get it from here.


Once CacoWeb is installed, you can easily stream restricted videos without any limitations by being redirected to the illimitux website. To find out more ways to bypass such restrictions, see the Related Posts below.

Get: Illimitux Extension For Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

Get: CacaoWeb

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