Sync Messages Between Facebook, Google Plus & Twitter [Publish Sync]

Ever since Google+ was introduced, I have been looking for browser extensions which may help me sync my shared web links and messages with other online accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

Publish sync for google+ & facebook is a Chrome extension which syncs your messages between Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. It supports article, video, pictures and web links. It adds an extra option below your usual sharing options to help you post the same message, article, web link or video to other accounts as well.

After installing the Publish Sync extension, click on the option next to the Chrome URL bar, login and authorize your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus accounts.

Once your accounts are authorized, you will be able to sync your article, video, pictures and web links across Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus .

All messages are instantly shared on selected profiles without any lengthy delays.

The only thing you might want to watch out for is that this extension automatically posts an advert for it’s Chrome web store link when you connect your accounts for the first time. This may be a bit undesirable for some users.

Install Publish sync for Google+ & Facebook