Preview YouTube Videos In Chrome Without Opening Them [Extension]

Youtube Video Preview is a Google Chrome extension that enables getting a video preview by hovering the mouse over the thumbnail of a video image on a YouTube page (e.g. search result). This makes it easy to get rid of the biggest irritant on YouTube, i.e. the identification of fake videos. Simply hover your mouse over a video, in order to see more clips within the video thumbnail.

For example, below is a display of a common YouTube search result. Hovering the mouse over any of the videos on a YouTube page will result in more clips appearing within the same thumbnail image (as shown in the next screenshot).

The below image displays the effect that you will get after installing YouTube Video Preview. Whenever you will hover your mouse over a video from a YouTube page (e.g. a search result), it will start showing more clips of the video instead of the default still video image. This way users can identify and open the right video from a search result by getting an instant preview.

YouTube Video Preview Extension for Chrome