Top 10 Minecraft 1.20 Seeds for All Platforms (Java & Bedrock)

Are you tired of hopping between worlds to find the perfect Minecraft seed? Look no further! This list features ten incredible seeds to jumpstart your next world on any platform, Java or Bedrock.

Top 10 Minecraft 1.20 Seeds for All Platforms

Cherry Village Hill

Seed: -6513326223170930471

A charming Plains Village sits atop a Cherry Grove hill, complete with tiered platforms for houses and farms. A hidden cave awaits below for easy resource gathering.

Picturesque Scenery

Seed: 7370144044535963269

This seed boasts stunning beauty. Spawn in a vibrant Bamboo Jungle bordered by diverse mountains, a Birch Forest, and even a Lush Cave waiting to be explored.

Windswept Spire

Seed: -5805094738259097562

minecraft 1.20 seeds

A desolate Frozen Ocean with scattered shipwrecks sets the stage for adventure. It’s the perfect backdrop for building a fantasy structure like a wizard’s tower or library.

Serene Landscapes

Seed: 5604536942354129104

A scenic Plains biome with a surprising twist – numerous caves add a layer of danger and intrigue. A snowy mountain range with valuable ores beckons in the distance.

Natural Waterpark

Seed: 1140028404943297831

Calling all water lovers! This seed features a collection of Windswept biomes resembling a giant water park, with slopes, cliffs, and plenty of water to splash around in. Sonic fans might be reminded of Chao Gardens from the Sonic Adventure games.

Coral Badlands

Seed: -4832498267719261901

Don’t miss the hidden gem in this seed! A cool, partially underwater cavern awaits exploration within the Badlands biome. Gather wood from the Wooded Badlands above for crafting supplies, then take a leap of faith into the ocean for a unique adventure. (Bedrock players only)

Dripstone Cave beneath Woodland Mansion

Seed: -4590553607283283313

This unique Woodland Mansion features a large Dripstone Cave system and a secret meadow hidden underneath. Imagine building an enchanted fairy garden here, or a secret staircase leading down from the Mansion.

Mansion Above Lush Ravine

Seed: -8392463792194580504

A resourceful Woodland Mansion sits atop a Lush Cave ravine, connected by cobblestone pillars. A hidden gap allows players to sneak in and surprise the Pillagers inside. The Mansion itself boasts many chests filled with goodies.

Windswept Desert Village

Seed: 6916168680308682761

This large Desert Village is split in two – one half surrounded by floating islands and towering hills, the other nestled against a Coral Reef.  Shipwrecks and Warm Ocean Ruins are scattered around the reef for all players to explore.

Mushroom Madness

Seed: 4447483029302122018

This seed features a giant Mushroom Island just 500 blocks from spawn, surrounded by Warm and Cold Oceans teeming with ruins, shipwrecks, and Ocean Monuments. Gather dark oak wood from spawn to craft a boat and set sail for an adventure-filled exploration!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your pickaxe, unleash your creativity, and embark on an unforgettable adventure in one of these incredible Minecraft 1.20 seeds!