10 Best Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock Seeds for Your New Year Adventure (January 2024)

Looking for a fresh start in the new year? Dive into the world of Minecraft 1.20 with one of these hand-picked seeds, guaranteed to spark your explorer’s spirit!

10 Best Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock Seeds for Your New Year Adventure

Archaeologist’s Peninsula

Seed: 8070736969695081755

Skip the endless digging and stumble upon not one, but two fossils right off the bat! This desert peninsula also boasts a charming village, savanna woodlands, and even Warm Ocean Ruins for your archaeological pursuits.

Diverse Natural Landscapes

Seed: 2280021184701739344

A deep valley flanked by a treasure-laden cave and a hidden plains village – this seed presents a thrilling choice. Build your base in the cozy cave, raid the village for resources, or become its protector – the possibilities are endless!

Explorer’s Cavern

Seed: -3656267129498276989

Nestled within a lush jungle, this cavern offers a spacious haven for both mining operations and base building. A ravine plummets down to deepslate, waterfalls act as natural elevators, and the surrounding jungle provides ample resources.

Headstart Island

Seed: 8241706167471188478

Best Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock Seeds

This island takes survival islands to the next level. A friendly village provides essential resources, while buried treasures dot the island and surrounding waters. Iron armor, rare materials – you’ll be well-equipped from the get-go!

Fisherman Island

Seed: -2737030570029809383

This seed plunks you on a village-occupied island, complete with a ruined portal leading straight to a Nether Fortress! The surrounding ocean teems with Ocean Monuments, shipwrecks, and Ruins – perfect for plundering and exploring.

Mountain of Riches

Seed: -5552129111406008048

Towering peaks brimming with amethyst geodes, ores, Dripstone, Deep Dark biomes, and even an Ancient City await. This seed is a paradise for those who thrive in harsh environments and crave valuable loot.

Pirate Coast

Seed: 2717426423318145664

Venture west to a treasure-laden Stony Shore biome overflowing with 15 buried chests. It’s as if pirates stashed their loot here centuries ago, just waiting to be discovered by a modern-day buccaneer!

Snowy Slopes

Seed: 7283746623841906648

Three Snowy Plains Villages, five Igloos with basements, and a Frozen Ocean brimming with buried treasure await. Cherry Groves, Pillager Outposts, and breathtaking snowy landscapes make this seed a winter wonderland dream come true.

Rocky Mountain Range

Seed: -6884804081689314185

Lush caves lie beneath your feet, while a cavern with Dripstone and Deep Dark biomes awaits beyond the imposing mountains. Plains villages and Cherry Groves add a touch of charm to this wild and awe-inspiring world.

Swamp with Pockets

Seed: -3386518566638124833

Witch huts, villages, and even a Zombified Savannah Village offer intrigue, while Ocean Monuments in the nearby oceans add to the allure. Embrace the swampy charm!

So, which seed will you choose for your next Minecraft 1.20 adventure? Grab your pickaxe, set sail, or scale new heights – the possibilities are endless!