10 Best Minecraft 1.20 Seeds For All Platforms (January 2024)

Looking to spice up your Minecraft experience with the latest 1.20 update? Look no further! This list explores eight fantastic seeds that offer unique landscapes, hidden wonders, and exciting challenges for every type of player.

10 Best Minecraft 1.20 Seeds For All Platforms (January 2024)


Seed: 79067

Even after the game’s world generation was overhauled, this seed still has nearly every biome and clusters of nearly every overworld structure within a couple thousand blocks of spawn.

Beautiful Multi-Biome Cliffside

Seed: -1820780390

Build your dream floating city in this breathtaking cove, where a jungle biome meets a frozen wonderland, split by fiery volcanic magma falls. (Seed: -1820780390)

Badlands Lake

Seed: -436497117887980569

Best Minecraft 1.20 Seeds
Image via 9Minecraft

Spawn amidst towering Badlands plateaus surrounding a vast, shimmering lake. Beneath the surface lies a treasure trove of caves, including lush caverns and deep, dark biomes.

Cherry Grove Beginnings

Seed: -6941378067760014623

Start your journey in a charming Cherry Grove, with Plains and colder biomes nearby. Java players will find Pillager Outposts and Ancient Cities in the mountains, while Bedrock players can delve into one Ancient City beneath the grove and another nearby.

Cherry Village Hill

Seed: -6513326223170930471

Witness a unique sight: a Plains Village nestled atop a Cherry Grove hill, with multiple levels and a cave for easy resources. An extra cherry tree adds a touch of charm to this idyllic setting.

Exposed Lush Cave

Seed: 2204054850500208009

Embark on a journey to discover a breathtaking lush cave hidden within a bamboo forest. This open cave boasts a cascading waterfall, hanging foliage, and the perfect potential for a hidden base or pirate cove.

Fragmented Peninsula

Seed: 2621361697578117101

This peninsula hides a gorgeous coral reef teeming with shipwrecks, ruins, and treasures. Java players can find a rare diamond fossil, while Bedrock players have a cluster of ocean ruins nearby. A hidden Lush Cave adds another layer of adventure.

Caved-In Mansion with Village:

Seed: 7887943438113683498

Image via 9Minecraft

Explore a multi-structure marvel – a Plains Village, Woodland Mansion, and ruined portal, all nestled within a sprawling Dripstone Cave! Diverse forests surround this underground wonder for above-ground adventures.

Garden Beneath the Overworld

Seed: -1918831654961711687

This multi-layered masterpiece descends deep into the Deepslate, adorned with clay-lined water pools and cascading waterfalls. The open-air entrance allows for easy sunlight and crop growth, creating a unique subterranean paradise.

Picturesque Scenery

Seed: 7370144044535963269

Immerse yourself in a vibrant bamboo jungle bordering snowy mountains, a lush birch forest, and a nearby lush cave. This seed’s stunning beauty will captivate players of all types.

Whether you’re seeking breathtaking landscapes, hidden gems, or thrilling challenges, these seeds offer something for everyone. So grab your pickaxe, unleash your creativity, and explore the endless possibilities of Minecraft 1.20!