How To Re-Root Updated Kindle Fire After Amazon Update

It seems like Amazon is moving ahead with Kindle Fire updates to bring forth “improvements” to its operating system. For those of you who already have an updated Kindle device must have realized that the update removes the root access (if you have rooted your Kindle device). Moreover, there seems to be no way to prevent the update as it is automatically implemented. However, all is not over for users who have rooted Kindle devices, as you can use SuperOneClick to re-root Kindle Fire after the software update. See below for instructions, to easily re-gain your root access and details about the Amazon update.


To re-root your device, just follow the guides given in this post: How To Root Amazon Kindle Fire . In Amazon-Kindle-Fire_Noook_color_Ideapad_A1case you have installed Android Market installed or an alternative Keyboard App, you might also loose them with root access.

For users who’s Android Market might have vanished after update version 6.2, they can retrieve their installed apps from /data/apps directory. These apps shouldn’t be affected and all you might require doing is to re-root your kindle device and to re-install the Android Market.

Let’s see how long does it take before some developer at XDA creates an app to avoid auto implementation of the Amazon updates or to customize the installation procedure. In fact, if you’re up for some tweaking, you can download the update file manually and open it with an archive manager like 7-Zip. Some users have reported better browser and operating system performance after the implementation of update version 6.2, so despite the minor hiccups, it might be worth getting the Kindle device updated for improved performance.

[via liliputing]