Problem : Cant add route – bad argument

Problem : Cant add route – bad argument

All workstations on my network have NIC cards set to Class C – with gateway (Routing and Remote Win2k3 server – call it GW from now on)
that provides internet access to LAN users

Home office just added connectivity to my network via priave line T1
Installed Cisco router – interface IP on my network is

I created a static route on GW for INT, Dest Mask

All workstations using this GW can route to network – I added the websites on the network to my DNS and all resolves well

That is the background – Here is the problem

I have some web developer workstations on my network with 2 NIC Cards
These multi-homed workstations use one interface to access the LAN, the other interface is directly exposed to internet (to demo websites, etc..)
IF 1 = (internal access to LAN) mask (no default gateway)
IF 2 = (External access to internet) mask ( – internet router)

Since these web-developer workstations do not use the GW – I assumed I needed to add a static persistent route on these worksatations to route data to the network

So I went to the cmd prompt and entered:

route ADD int 1

when i run that cmd, it returns

route:bad argument

I can ping no problem



Solution: Cant add route – bad argument

Try this:
route ADD METRIC 3 int 1