Problem : IIS SMTP Queue very slow

Problem : IIS SMTP Queue very slow

We use IIS 6.0 to send out some of our mass emails.

I noticed the queue folder is getting pretty big (2,000 emails).  Some of these messages in particular need to get out today to a domain we’ll call

I looked in the IIS SMTP log and it’s doesn’t appear as though it has attempted a connection with and yet they sit in the queue folder.  I also checked the event viewer and there is nothing about

I then used telnet to connect and send a test message to and it went through ok.

I am not sure what else I can do to see what’s is going on here, any ideas?


Solution: IIS SMTP Queue very slow

You can stop SMTP, move emails to other folder (temp.) then run SMTP and move them back in small portions of 50-100 emails back. Add new portion when the old one has been sent already. It is a temp. solution, but it should help.

As a permanent way – install some free mailserver, e.g. hMailServer and send all emails with it. IIS SMTP is a joke.