Problem: IIS setting? error ‘8004020e’

Problem: IIS setting? error ‘8004020e’

My company recently switched to a dedicated server, and I’m trying to set it up.
I uploaded all the files, set up database and everything looks good except sending e-mail and uploading comments to blog.
I get this error

error ‘8004020e’
/gallery/mailfriend.asp, line 105

It works fine with other webhost as well as local host.
Then, I google searched the error, but I got no much solution.

Do I have to set up something with IIS.
Some web page was talking about SMTP server, but I’m not familiar with server nor IIS.

Could someone tell me what need to be set up or possible solution?

Solution : IIS setting? error ‘8004020e’

This error is caused by the email component not being able to send the email. The possible causes of this error are:

# The mail component like aspmail, cdosys is proper working and have sufficinet permsission.
#Pleae provide everyone permission on the /inetpub/mailroot folder.

# Access to the mail server thru the email component is denied. Make sure you supply a valid SMTP Server in the ASP Settings window.

# The SMTP Server requires a valid Login and Password to send the email. You must supply a correct value in the ASP Settings window.

If you still face same problem then update us the code or mail component which you are using to send mail so I assist you better.