Problem : Sonicwall Global VPN Client not working

Problem : Sonicwall Global VPN Client not working

Sonicwall TZ 170.

Global VPN Client connects sucsessfully after XAtuth, but I am unbale to connect to LAN resources.

Connection log shows “NetGetDCName failed: Could not find the domain controller for this domain.”

I have tried setting it up to pass DHCP from the SBS server on the LAN but couold never get it to pick up the IP.
The virtual adapter is currently static with a address and theSBS server ( SBS)as the only DNS server.
The remote network is configured for so there should be no IP configuration conflicts.

Previous configurations had the virtual adpater configured static at and would yield the same result in the connection log (as above) but also a recurring error about “ISAKMP packet ignored, the length is incorrect”.

Idealy I would like it to connect to the home network and get a address from the SBS server’s DHCP.

I have tried everything I could possible think of to make it work.
This is my last option before I scrap it for a Netgear VPN Gateway.

Is their anyone out there that got one of these to to work with VPN?

Solution: Sonicwall Global VPN Client not working

In case anyone is interested I was able to solve the issue (after many trying hours).
I downloaded the latest Sonicwall Global VPN Client and installed it on top of the previous installation.
This fixed the issue immediately!

The Sonicwalll started passing DHCP correctly and the client PC was finding the DC correctly.

I am not sure if the installation needed to be upgraded or just repaired, either way it is now working like a charm.

When in doubt….re-install!