Add 500 Additional Cleaning Options To CCleaner With CCEnhancer

A few months back, I reviewed CCEnhancer, which is a portable software that adds additional cleaning options to the famous CCleaner. Previously CCEnhancer was capable of adding up to 270 extra junk file cleaning options to CCleanecr. Recently, it has been updated to add 500 additional cleaning options to CCleaner. Junk files from the extra applications and temporary file directories that can be removed by updating CCleaner (via CCEnhancer) include, MS Office saved CEIP data, MS Office Temp and unsaved files, Adobe Updater Logs, Adobe Acrobat Cache, Java files, Google crash reports, additional junk files for Windows Live Messenger, McAfee ant-virus, uTorrent, Skype and other software.

To use CCEnhancer, launch the portable CCEnhancer EXE file and click Download Latest. This will update your CCleaner software with the most recent definition files. For instructions regarding updating the portable version of CCleaner with CCEnhancer, see instructions here.


The below screenshots show the extra applications that were added to CCleaner after updating it with CCEnhancer. As you can see, the More* options that have been added to the CCleaner interface, are providing check-boxes for the removal of extra junk files for numerous applications. Moreover, there are also a number of extra application names that are showing in the enhanced CCleaner (left-hand side image), as compared to the default CCleaner (visible from the right-hand side image).

Default Applications

With this amazing new update, you can now clean more disk space by getting rid of hidden clutter. It is likely that there will be even more applications added to CCEnhancer definition files in future updates. The only thing that perhaps users may find annoying is to choose hundreds of options manually for getting the junk files removed. Let’s hope that the CCleaner developer’s add a “select all” option in an upcoming update. CCEnhancer works on all operating systems that are supported by CCleaner, including the the following Windows operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download CCEnhancer