Add Stylish Effects To Pictures In A Click With Easy Photo Effects

Easy Photo Effects is an easy to use free software which allows adding the most complex photo effects (like TiltShift effect) to any selected photo in a single click. It is more feature rich than the previously reviewed “Leaf” software and also provides additional tweaking options to adjust other image parameters such as the size, effect layout, borders, etc. It does not require any installation and is available in portable form. You can save the converted images in JPG or BMP format.

In this demonstration I will add affects to the below image to demonstrate how easy it is to beautify your photos by using Easy Photo Effects software. To add effects to an image, select it from the Open image button and click on an effect name to apply it.


The below screenshot shows the above image after being  tweaked with the TiltShift Effect. Tilt-shift photography is normally performed on small- and medium-format cameras and the TiltShift effect is used to add an effect which tilts selective focus of the photo which simulates a miniature scene.


Similarly, you can convert other images by simply selecting an image choosing an effect. The below screenshots show different effects applied to the same picture, including the Black and White, Sepia, Movie effect and Topaz. Names of other available effects which can be applied are as follows: Embossed, Analogica, TiltShift and Colored Grid.


You can also crop the size, change the brightness or contrast and add borders to a selected image. Each effect and image editing option comes with additional Settings (button with each option) which allows refining the applied changes. For example, you can select the Settings button above Brightness option and move the scale to change the brightness of a selected picture.


Easy Photo Effects works with

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Additional Requirements: A monitor resolution of 1024×768.

Download Easy Photo Effects