Backup & Restore Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE Settings & Data With FavBackup

It can be quite annoying when one require re-configuring browser settings after the installation or re-installation of a browser on a computer. This problem can however, be easily avoided by using FavBackup. It is a free software that provides an easy to use mechanism for backing up and restoring browser data for famous browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and Flock . FavBackup provides a simple wizard that saves all your browser settings and data into

a .DAT file. You can save this backup file and restore your data anytime by selecting this file via the Restore option.

The interface of FavBackup is impressively simple to use, with options for each browser saved into intuitive tabs. Using this freeware, you can back up all your bookmarks, browsing history, cookies, links bar, search providers, auto complete information, sessions, settings, toolbars and other data in a single click .

To backup data, select an option from the top of the main interface, i.e. Backup or Full Backup. Once selected, click on a browser icon and select the data that you wish to backup. Also select a backup folder to save the backup (DAT) file. Click Next to continue.

FavBackup 2.1

This will create the backup file in your selected folder. When backing up your data, you can customize the level of information FavBackup saves, by focusing its attentions on the data is important for you. For instance, you can skip saving items like browser cookies and deselect them from the list.

Backing up

To restore your data anytime, click Restore or Full restore, (depending upon the fact that whether you created the backup using the Backup or Full Backup option) and click Next to restore your data. this way, you can restore your data across a number of computer or when you re-install your browser.


FavBackup is quite frequently updated and therefore, is compatible with latest stable versions of Firefox, Chrome and Opera. It must be noted that according to the developer, restoring backups directly from an optical disc such as a CD or DVD can give an error. Therefore, make sure that you copy the backup file to your PC and then attempt to restore the data from it. You can get the complete list of supported browsers from the developers website (link given below). FavBackup is a portable software and does not require installation. It is compatible with the following Windows based operating systems:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2003

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