ColorConsole Opens Command Prompt In Multiple Colorful Tabs

ColorConsole is an application that adds color to the command prompt and allows managing it in multiple tabs. It is available in portable and as an installer package. Being able to open command prompt in many tabs makes it easy to keep track of numerous command lines at work in a compact way. This application provides a number of rich colors and font types to customize the look of the command prompt. Along with the option to view a command string in RTF (Rich Text Format) within applications like Microsoft Word.

To use ColorConsole, type a command in the Command text box and hit enter. A new tab can be opened from the Window button from the main interface and you can even manage each tab with a separate color scheme.


You can also highlight text, change font, underline characters, etc from the relevant options next to the Command text box.

The File menu contains options to change the interface language (e.g. English, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Korean, French and Deutsch), save the command string in RTF format or to print it. The Edit menu on the contrary contains basic cut, copy and paste features. Whereas, commands can be directly inserted from the Commands menu. The command string can also be saved from the RTF button on the main interface and viewed in a browser with the HTML button. In case you are wondering what the Paint button does, it can be used for changing the color scheme of the console.

ColorConsole works with all basic operating systems, including:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download ColorConsole