Convert Text To Speech And Save It As Mp3 With Natural Reader

Natural Reader is a free software for Windows and Mac, which reads out text and allows saving it as an audio file. It is one of the most robust text to speech software that you are ever likely to find and comes with many features that allow you to not only listen to entered text but to convert it to Mp3 format, select the speed at which the text is read and more. Natural Reader comes with natural human sounds, which makes it quite easy to understand the text that is read out by the reader.

Natural Reader

Why Use A Text To Speech Software?

I am a blogger and regularly require writing posts worth thousands of words. Many a times these posts can have minor spelling mistakes which can be overlooked by conventional blogging software and it might be hard to detect them during proof reading. Moreover, proof reading hundreds of words can be quite tiring and sometimes trigger my migraine. Therefore, I find it more convenient to use Natural Reader for reading out my posts before I publish them. For example, if I have mistakenly typed “Your” instead of “You”, I will be able to spot the mistake when it is read out. Moreover, Natural Reader makes it possible for me to relax my eyes as I can even proof read posts with closed eyes and listen to them. Similarly, the Natural Reader can be used for anything from educational purposes to help vision impaired people understand textual content.

Natural Reader Interface

How Does Natural Reader Work?

Natural Reader is quite easy to use and all you have to do is to copy and paste the required text and hit Play to listen to it. You can also use the Rewind and Forward buttons to easily switch between required lines and hit Stop if you wish to stop the reader anytime.

Free Natural Reader Software

Control Reader Speed

You can control the reader’s speed from the Speed bar. moving the bar to the right increase the speed at which the text is read out, whereas moving the bar to the left reduces it.

Natural Reader Speed

Save Text To Audio

To save your text as an audio file, click the Mp3 option.  While the free version is limited to saving the audio in Mp3 format, you can also upgrade to acquire the ability to save your content in WAV format. You can even save the entered text as a TXT or RTF file.

Convert Text To Mp3

OCR And Conversion of Large Text Files (Up to 4 Million Letters)

While the free version of Natural Reader is quite handy itself, you can get even better features by upgrading to the paid version to acquire conversion for large files with up to 4 million letters. Moreover, you can even extract text from documents using OCR functionality. For more details about Natural Reader features, check out the developer’s video given below.

Natural Reader works with all recent Windows and Mac OS X operating systems including:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Mac OS X 10.6
  • Mac OS X 10.7

Download Natural Reader