Download Windows 7 Halloween Theme, Theme Packs And Wallpapers

Its time for the witches to dance, the ghosts to linger and the ghouls to knock at your door for Trick-n-Treating. In the wake of this spooky madness I am obliged to present you with a collection of Halloween Themes, Wallpapers and skin packs to dress up your Windows 7 me maties. So get into the Halloween mode and get some of this spooky stuff, to make Windows 7 spookier than the dead ghost of Vista.

Eerie Autumn Theme Pack For Windows 7 by Microsoft

Don’t be fooled by the name of “Autumn” me maties, this theme comes with the ghostly sounds and wallpapers that will knock you off the ground and into the world of the dead.

The below images are just a few of the many wallpapers present in the theme pack with complete sound effects.

Halloween Theme




Download Erie Autumn Theme Pack For Windows 7

Trick or Treat Theme Pack For Windows 7

Dress up your Windows 7 desktop for Halloween with the glowing Jack-o’-Lanterns and sweet candy treats being handed over by me friends at Microsoft (or not).

This theme pack contains numerous Jack-o-Lantern and spooky candy wallpapers.




Download Trick or Treat Theme Pack For Windows 7

Ticket to Fear theme

If you’re afraid of trick n treating, me sweeties, then fear not! Open the creaking door to a virtual haunted house with this Windows 7 theme. These ghastly ghouls are guaranteed to send a Halloween shiver up your spine, but worry not, as the fear is always in the mind!

P.S. Wonder what this ticket can buy me?


Does this house remind you of your old abode?


Download Ticket to Fear Theme for Windows 7

Halloween Skin Pack For Windows 7

And if it’s not our old friend Hamed, conjuring ghosts with his Halloween Skin Pack. With Dracula being reduced to a mere icon on your desktop, this amazing skin pack is likely to make you rule the Halloween madness.


Download Halloween Skin Pack

Windows 7 Halloween Wallpapers Collection

And last but not least, check out the link given below to, download Halloween wallpapers from a large collection of Halloween goodies. The wallpaper collection includes anything from headless horsemen to smouldering Jack-o-Lanterns, which are guaranteed to lighten up your desktop.



Download Windows 7 Halloween Wallpapers

So get into the mood of chilly winter, open those tasty candies, roam in the streets of ghostly pasts and enjoy this Halloween collection. And don’t forget to remember this old pirate in your ghostly dreams me “maties”, arghhhhh.