Download YouTube Videos In HD & Mobile Format With Youtube Fisher

YoutubeFisher is a portable application that downloads media (video and audio) directly from YouTube. The media content is grabbed by entering the respective YouTube URL and saved in the format chosen by the user. The supported formats in which you can save the downloaded content includes (full-HD, HD, HQ mp4, flv, mobile 3gp, audio mp3 or aac).

Just copy and paste the URL from YouTube and click on Download Video (for videos) or Extract Audio (for audio files).

You will be prompted to select a location and format to save the media content.

After the destination directory and a format is specified, the downloading process will begin. Please note that it takes longer to download files in heavier formats such as HD and Mp4. It is also worth mentioning here that version 3.0 of YoutubeFisher is still in the beta stage and therefore, users may experience some bugs or functionality loss.

Youtube Fisher works on

  • Windows XP (provided you have .Net Framework 2.0 or higher)
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Youtube Fisher

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