Emulate And Run iPad Apps On Windows, Mac OS X & Linux With iPadian

iPadian is a free software for running iPad applications on Windows. This Adobe Air based application provides a custom app store and comes with some pre-installed iPad apps. iPadian can be run in full screen mode, as well as like a normal maximized application, (such as with the taskbar visible in a Windows OS). The pre-installed applications which come with iPadian, enable quick access to music, videos, Social Chat, Facebook notifications, weather updates, etc.

Instead of the EXE file, I was expecting an Adobe Air file with the current iPadian release, but after I realized that there was no Air file, I contacted the developer. He informed me that the Air file will be released very soon (perhaps in a day or two), which will enable Mac OS X and Linux users to run iPadian (using Adobe Air). I will keep you posted as more updates become available. For now, I will provide you with an overview of this application, followed by some comments from the developer about this app, given at the end of this post.


You can move the library icons by clicking right/left arrows and install additional apps from the custom app store. This app store does not allow access to the Apple’s native app store, but rather comes with a handful of applications. This is of course the case due to copyright and patent issues.


iPadian uses the Webkit browser and the installed apps work seamlessly with complete internet connectivity and proper performance. For example, if you use the weather app, it does actually deliver weather information for selected areas and is not just for decoration. Being an open source application, it is likely that iPadian might see further improvements by not just its own developer, but also other third-party developers.


Although iPadian is not a complete iPad emulator, but that does not mean that it isn’t worth a try. The current iPadian release shows that the application has a lot of potential, with more apps and perhaps better UI changes to come, with upcoming versions. While having a personal conversation with thedeveloper on Facebook, he infomed me that:

“There will be more apps added to app store and any developer can submit apps, which will be added to iPadian. The app can be anything from a webapp or even a mobile application from Apple, coz I believe that iPadian even if she can’t run .ipa files, can promote and feature apps for users”.

For a demo of iPadian, check out the below video:

iPadian “currently” works on the following operating systems (with the Air file due for release):

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download iPadian