How To Edit New Menu Entries In Windows Right Click Menu

New Menu Editor is a portable application that allows users to add new file type to the new menu section of Windows right-click context menu. Unlike other complex right-click context menu editing applications like Right-Click Enhancer, it provides a simple mechanism to edit the Windows  “New” menu entries, using a simple Graphical User Interface and without the need of any registry hacks. The application allows users to add two types of entries in their Windows New menu i.e. an item with an Empty File or a Pre-defined template. This can be handy to create and add e.g. HTML and other kinds of templates to the Windows right-click menu.

To add/remove items from the “New menu”, launch New Menu Editor, select items to shift and click the Add (+) button. This will display an option to either create an empty entry or to select a template for adding in the New menu. You can also use the search box located on top of the interface to lookup items.

New Menu Editor

The below image displays a comparison of the Windows context menu before and after the inclusion of extra items in the Windows New menu. The left side image displays a normal Windows right click context menu, whereas, the left hand side image shows a context menu with extra items that have been included using New Menu Editor.


New Menu Editor works on the following Windows operating systems:

Download New Menu Editor