How To Enable Aero Glass Effect In Windows 8

For those of you who have just installed Windows 8 you will be surprised to see that the beautiful Aero Glass Effect is no longer present. However, there is a workaround to get the Aero Glass Effect in Windows 8. This method is more of a bug instead of a proper method since it manipulates the High Contrast Background settings to enable Aero. You can see the complete method from the guide given below, followed by a video demonstrating the method. In case you just want the Aero effect for the Taskbar, you can refer to the alternative method given at the end of this post.

Method To Enable Aero Glass Effect in Windows 8

Step1: Right click on your desktop and select Personalize. This will open a new window from where you will require selecting the High Contrast Black theme.

High Contrast Black

Step 2: Selecting the High Contrast theme will make your entire desktop black, (don’t be alarmed). In the Personalization window, select Color.


Step 3: Open another Personalization window separately (without closing the previous one) and select the default Windows theme.

Windows 8 default theme

Step 4: This will normalize your desktop. Open the previous Personalization window again and click Save Changes.

Enable Aero

This will enable the Aero Glass Effect. Before proceeding with this method it is advised to read the drawback given below.

Enable Aero Effect in WIndows 8

Drawback of Using This Method

Enabling Windows 8 Aero Glass effect using this method causes an undesirable effect when dragging Windows. This can be quite irritating, especially for people who often drag the Explorer to perform common tasks.

Aero Enabled in Windows 8

To see a demonstration of the above mentioned method, check out the video given below. How To Enable Aero Glass Effect In Windows 8

Alternative Method

An alternative method of enabling the Aero Glass Effect for the Taskbar only is to use a Windows 8 theme from the Personalization Gallery or perhaps a third-party source. You can find out more about Windows 8 themes from this link: Download Windows 8 Themes From Windows Personalization Gallery.