How To Give Color To Your Folders In Windows 7

Folderico is a simple software that allows customizing Windows folders with custom colors and themed icons. You can highlight folders with colored icons to quickly identify important folders, for easily sorting them and to give them a stylish appearance. For example, all important folders can be highlighted in red to allow users to quickly identify their importance. This way, important folders can be kept secure and all users of a computer (e.g. home or office computer) would be able to easily acknowledge when a folder should not be deleted or messed around with. You can also give a specific icon or color to folders which may contain pictures, movies, music and so on.

To add a colored theme to a folder either select it after launching Folderico or open it with Folderico via Windows right-click menu.

This will allow you to choose from a range of colors to select for the respective folder. Click on Select Icon to choose a color or icon for your folder.

The Windows 7 option provides arrange of colors whereas, the Gant3 Blue option enables choosing an icon for the folder.

You can give a number of  different icons and colors to your folders to restore them back to the original state in a single click. this can be done by selecting the folder and clicking on the Restore folder icon. Furthermore, you can also sort icons by name or number in context menu, by selecting the appropriate feature in the Options tab, whereas the Language tab provides a range of many languages for Folderico. The Tools tab allows adding menu items for icon libraries.

Folderico works with the following Windows based operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Folderico